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New Global Giving Initiative!!

August 4, 2010

A project central to Light for Children and the future of the children we support and care for has just been launched on the fundraising platform Global

We would love for you all to contribute if you can – the smallest amount really does go a very very long way for the HIV/AIDS children of Kumasi, Ghana.

The effect of HIV/AIDS on the economic activities of people in the developing countries is very serious because of the stigma attached to the disease.
The devastating impact of HIV/AIDS on our society can not be downplayed. Without the ART drugs, these children will not be able to survive the infection for long. They will die without been able to fulfill the purpose for which they came into this world.
These children have hopes, dreams and aspirations like any other normal children. Your donations will assist each of these children to grow to be the best person he or she could be and contribute positively to the society without being a burden unto someone else.
— Yaw Otchere Baffour — Executive Director
Change your world today and make a donation. We’re waiting for you 🙂
When one gets infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, that is not the end of that person’s life but with the necessary support and assistance, they will be able to become people others can look up to.”
— Enock K yei Baffour — Project Officer