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LifoC September Report

October 18, 2011

The month of September saw a few activities for LIFOC which include:
a) Summer school completion
b) Peer Educator`s meeting
c) Visitation
d) HIV Testing and Counseling
e) Sexual Assault Prevention Program

a) Summer School Completion
The summer school program me which started at the early part of August came to an end at the beginning of September where Rachael Beach taught English and Integrated Science, Justice Appau taught Maths and Rebecca Kuntz taught ICT and Basic Design and Technology.

b) Peer Educator`s meeting
The month of September also saw two Peer Educator`s meeting on Wednesday the 7th and Friday the 30th of September. The meeting took place at the office`s premises where many pressing issues were discussed. The Peer Educators also submitted their reports and were also refreshed at the close of the meeting.

The Peer Educators at the meeting

c) Visitation

The month of September also saw a number of visitations. In the first place, Sayuri Nakatsuka, a Japanese lady came to visit us to discuss how best we can come together to bring volunteers from Japan. Secondly, on the 13th of September, two Swedish Volunteers came on a visit. They were Maria Moller and Sara Hansson.

Sayuri, the Japanese volunteer in a discussion with LIFOC staff.

Also, one Japanese Volunteer from Gabon, Sachiko Miyake, an HIV controller and also a JICA volunteer came to visit us.

Sakyiko, JICA volunteer in a discussion with the Director of LIFOC

On 15th September, two FHI officers also came to the office for monitoring. They went through the Peer Educators report sheets.

d) HIV Testing and Counseling

The month of September saw three major HIVtesing and counseling at Asuoyeboah on the 21st, 23rd and 27th of September. The first counseling and testing had 100 people being tested in the community of Asuoyeboah. The second one had again 99 people being tested for HIV. So in all 335 people were tested for HIV with 9 people testing positive. Again 576 male condoms were sold out in the communities.

LIFOC organizing Counseling and testing.

Blood pressure screenings

e) Sexual Assault Prevention Programme

The month also had 5 different sections of Child Sexual Assault Prevention Program me. On Thursday, the 22nd September, 2011, there was a prevention sexual Assault workshop at Chirapatre Primary B and talked to about 80 people. On the 23rd, another one was organized at Chirapatre Primary A where about 150 children were talked to. Furthermore, there was one held at Prabon JHS 1, 2 and 3 where about 60 people were talked to. On Wednesday, 28th of September, there was one organized at Anglican JHS B, where 90 students were educated. Also, on Thursday and Friday i.e. the 29th and 30th of September, there were sexual Assault program at Anglican JHS A where about 170 people were talked to and Chirapatre JHS where 200 people were talked to respectively.