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Light for Children August Report

September 16, 2011

The month of August saw lesser activities for Light for children. Rachael Beach, a volunteer from the United States of America arrived on July 29, 2011 and started the Summer School by teaching English and Integrated Science at the Chirapatre Junior High School. She was assisted by Justice Appau, a student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology who had his internship at Light for Children. He was teaching Maths at the same school.

Rebecca Kuntz, also from the United States helped in the teaching of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). She taught the children how to browse the internet and even opened e-mail accounts for the students by making use of the internet facility in the office.

The month of August also brought in one person from the Trinidad and Tobego who resides in the United States in the person of Dnika Joseph. She came and showed interest in Light for Children`s activities and promised to partner us. She showed much interest in the beads-making and collected twenty (20) pieces to be sold in USA and promised to send the money later to us. She was given Light for Children`s T-shirt in appreciation of her kind gesture.

The latter part of August saw the departure of Justice Appau who left for school. He was given LIFOC T-shirt to show our laudable appreciation for his service rendered to us during his internship.

Rachael Beach teaching Integrated Science at Chirepatre JHS

Justice Appau exhibiting his Mathematical skills.

Rebecca Kuntz having ICT lessons at Chirapatre JHS.

Dnika Joseph (middle) in a pose with LIFOC staff.


Light for Children July Newsletter

September 16, 2011

Light for Children volunteers continued with the arrival of 6 new volunteers to undertake programs in summer school, baby care, medical internship, and architecture internship.
The volunteers were Keir Birch and Jordan Jones from the UK, Johanna Keilwitz from Germany, Rachel Beach from USA, and Sarah Kong from Canada.

Also the 4 interns from Hong Kong University left after the completion of their internship with the Sexual Assault Prevention Program.
The monthly organization meeting for the HIV children club came off with the meeting being sponsored by Rebecca Kuntz, who arrived in June.

The ongoing LifoC/FHI Youth is also on course with the community activities by the trained peer educators. The peer educators reached 1,119 persons with information on HIV/AIDS and safer sexual practices. They again sold 2,619 condoms in the community for the month.

Jordan Jones at Mampong Babies Home


Keir Birch playing at Mampong Babies Home