Light for Children April 2011 Report

Light for Children April 2011 Report
Written by Mike Owusu (, Light for Children Project Coordinator

The programmes of Light For Children continued in the month of April with a number of activities. As a part of the preparation toward impending HIV Family Health International project, familiarization visits were made to some of the selected institutions that LIFOC is suppose to work with. The first point of call was at the Wesley principal who is also the patron of the college’s HIV and Peer Educators’ Club. Again the allied communities around the college where our activities in the FHI project would be focused were explored.

From there we also went to the St. Louis Training College one of the partner institutions where they have planned an HIV educational and Know Your Status Campaign. We arranged for counselor and reagents from the Kumasi South Hospital to help conduct the campaign. One hundred students tested to Know Your Status.

The Light For Children monthly socialization meeting was also held. At the meeting two volunteers namely Victoria and Eric who has just arrived participated in the meeting and entertained the children by playing folkloric Swedish music with heir Violin.

A German lady who is in the country to undertake research into the impact of civil society organizations on their communities, as part of her project work a visit to the office of LIFOC to conduct interviews with the staff.

The HIV educational programme at St. Louis Training College.

Eric, a Swedish volunteer, answering questions during the meeting of the students.

The students waiting to be tested to know their HIV status.

Two Swedish volunteers playing violin and singing for children and their caregivers during the socialization meeting.

A German lady interviewing staff of LIFOC.


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