Light for Children March 2011 Report

Light for Children March 2011 Report

Written by Mike Owusu (, Light for Children Project Coordinator

The month of March saw the arrival of two Swedish volunteers namely Eric and Victoria. The two arrived to voluntary work with Light For Children projects. Victoria who has a musical background is doing a musical internship with a local drumming and dancing group led by one Lucus. Eric who is a political science student plays the violin works with the missionaries of Charity orphanage.

As a part of the FIH HIV project a stake watchers meeting was organized at the Korkdom Hotel in Accra. The meeting which was attended by the director of LIFOC, was to interact with the patrons and peer educators of the various tertiary institutions involved in the project. They later made presentations of the activities.

The Director who is a member of the Child Protection Committee in the Region in charge of advocacy attended a meeting to discuss issues offering the protection of children in the Region.

Other meeting which he attended was the Metropolitan AIDS Committee which he is also a member met to discuss how to formulate plans to address the problems associated with the fight against stigma and discrimination in HIV/AIDS in the Kumasi Metropolis.

Swedish volunteers playing violin and having fun


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