Light for Children November 2010 Report

Written by Mike Owusu – Development Coordinator:

Light for Children November 2010 Report

Pushing our Global Giving Project

Hi; its me, Sebastian Lindstrom. Hope everyone are exited to catch up with what Light for Children is up to. If possible, please spend 3-4 minutes to make a small donation with the help of your credit card; it would very much help us to help more children who are HIV positive. Please go to:

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LIFOC opens office at Nsuta

Light For Children has opened a new office at Nsuta in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti Region. Since Nsuta and for that matter the district is one of our operational areas, is imperative to have such a facility so as to help us pursue our project effectively.

Some of the projects are teaching at Basic schools, personnel support to the Nsuta Health Clinic and Care and Support for people living with HIV/AIDS to be rolled on very soon.

The month of November 2010 saw a number of activities after some months of review of our programmes.

Four Swedish volunteers arrived to work at the Mampong Babies Home and the Missionary of Charity Home. They volunteered for one week and later undertook a tour of Cape Coast and surrounding areas which is normally part of their package.

The first volunteer from Span Africa a grassroot and volunteer recruiting agency which is our partner arrived on the 31st October and started work on the 2nd of November at the Ramseyer Vocational Institute our partner school.

She was in the person of Denice Wehausen from Dallas in the U.S.A. She taught Food and Nutrition at the school for three weeks.

James Quinlan, a representative of Leap Now a volunteer recruitment organization also arrived in the country to have discussion with officials of LIFOC on the possibility of sending down volunteers to work on a number of our projects.

The Monthly socialization meeting of the LIFOC care and support group came off at the Kumasi Cultural Centre after a short break. At the meeting, James, Yukari the new JICA volunteer from Japan and Denice were introduced to the children and their care givers.

Denice later discussed issues of good nutrition with them. Later she did a practical demonstration of how to use various vegetables and other food items to prepare a nutritional balanced diet for good health.

As part of the visit of James, a tour of project sites were undertaken with the executives of LIFOC and Yukari the JICA volunteer to Mampong and Nsuta which is some of our project towns.

At Mampong Babies Home, the Principal of the Home, took us through the various sections of the facility including the nursery, the babies section and others.

During the visit, a donation of Six Hundred and Ninety four US Dollars ($694.00) was made to the home. The donation came from a previous Swedish volunteer who visited there about two years ago.

A courtesy call was also made to the District Director of Health Services for the Sekyere Central. During the meeting, a number of projects were discussed.

A Farewell Ceremony was held for Denice after her volunteer period at the Ramseyer Institute.


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