Voluntary work + Fieldtrips in Ghana, July (Photo Essay)

A fruitful mid-term evaluation between Mike Owusu and the HKU interns in a Chinese restaurant.

Our performance in the child sexual abuse prevention has obviously been boosted after the evaluation!!

Volunteers and HKU interns at the Global Giving Meeting in Tamale

Volunteers having fun with children after teaching them sexual abuse prevention

Pencil cases made of water bag in progress!

The final product ! To be sold for fund-raising!

Joey, one of our interns from HKU, working in handicap centre.

Henrik, one of our volunteers, teaching children information technology

Music lesson conducted by our awesome HKU intern Cherie!

Children assisting Misaki, our awesome volunteer from Japan, with her art works.

David with the lady selling pop corns near the office, thanks for providing such wonderful snacks to energize our volunteers!

Volunteers relaxing in the Green Turtle Lodge at the Western Coast

At a nice restaurant next to the Cape Coast Castle

‘David, be a responsible man! Use condom whenever you have sex!’ Yaw briefing the volunteers on the HIV workshop.

‘Auntie Serene, don’t go back to Hong Kong!’ Last day in Jesus Care daycare centre…

The touching goodbye hug…

But still got frustrated by her students…even at the last moment

David having snacks in the HIV clinic while listening to his colleagues’ suggestion on the operation of the hospital

With his colleagues in the hospital

By David Kong, Volunteer, Light for Children, Ghana


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