Child’s Right Workshop@Light for Children Office (23-06-10)

People say Chinese people care more about money, consumption, and karaoke than human rights. The children’s right workshop given by Erik Forhammar, volunteer of Light for Children, Ghana, is certainly a worthwhile education to alter the situation.

‘When it comes to The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, what kinds of right would you think of?’ The right to life? Freedom of speech? Freedom to participate in politics? Right to justice? Or would you be temporarily silenced, as you haven’t even heard of it? In this children’s right workshop composed of audience from different continents, with people from Ghana, Sweden, and China, one can easily answer the question of ‘why some countries in the world can be dictated by so many thousands of years and remained unchanged until the 21st century’ by just observing their response to this question raised by Erik. Luckily, or within expectations, there are a number of exceptions: being able to recognize one’s rights is, after all, an ability possessed by the majority of people in the world.

‘Why is it so important to know about your rights?’ Erik asked. ‘So that people can claim it, and prevent themselves from being disadvantaged.’ answered Erik by himself after a few minutes of dead air. Nobody can answer this time because the Ghanians and the Swedish people were temporarily excused from the workshop to conduct their business.

‘So are there any examples of learning human right?’ Erik asked another question while the Ghanians and the Swedish audience were out. Expectedly, Erik had to speak to himself again, ‘when we were in schools, we would go to the European Council to watch people suing their governments, bringing their dissatisfaction towards their governments to the attention of the international community’. After a few seconds, Erik tried to break the dead air, ‘Can people in Hong Kong do this to their government?’ The answer is of course negative.

The conclusion of this workshop may be: China is desperately in need of aid, not economic aid, but aids on knowledge in human rights.

David Kong, Volunteer, Light for Children, Ghana


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