Fieldtrip to Wa in the Upper West Region of Ghana, June 18-20 (Photo essay)

Time to wake up from the long bus ride and feel the energy of Wa!

Horns blared, trumpets sounded and people shouted as our bus drove along a caravan of National Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters whilst we entered Wa.

On the roof of the Child Support-Ghana Residence building complex under construction, Eric Coomans shared with our volunteers and interns his work on sheltering deprived children.

At the feet of this child lies the dream of a grass-root NGO. This piece of land will be used for development of Child Support-Ghana, including the construction of a school.

“My body’s nobody’s body but mine–” The Child Sexual Assault outreach team led children of Child Support-Ghana to sing the catchy theme song towards the end of the workshop.

An apprentice of the dressmaker and hairdresser training centre under Child Support-Ghana talking to Sebastian.

Our interns and volunteers hop on the pick-up truck of Child Support-Ghana, which would take them to a local pub to watch the Ghana vs Australia match with locals.

The moment of suspense as the Black Stars prepared to shoot the penalty shot.

The entire house raved as the Ghanaian scored!

The afterparty was a dance with children, who were awesome dancers!

An inspiring session with Emmanuel Volsuuri in which fund-raising for NGO, microfinance, among other issues, were discussed.

David, intern from HKU, helped the chef to fan the fire as she prepared to fry the fish for our lunch.

Waiting for our lunch with rumbling stomachs, we watched how cassava was cut into cubes, boiled and pounded to become fufuo.

The bus we boarded for our return journey after a hurried lunch.

“Together we are working to build…”


Photos and text by Joanne Lai, Volunteer, Light for Children


One Response to “Fieldtrip to Wa in the Upper West Region of Ghana, June 18-20 (Photo essay)”

  1. Patrick Says:

    You guys must be having an awesome time! Lovely photos. Wish you the best in Ghana!

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