Interns arrive in the Light for Children office!

Light for Children chairman and co-founder Sebastian Lindstrom arrived in Ghana this week with intern Philippa Young.

Meetings in Accra with Yawa Hansen-Quao, and Mac-Jordan – find this blogger extraordinaire at Both of TEDX fame doing great work online and offline for Ghana

Next stop was, Atonsu Agogo, Kumasi (home for the next month) to meet with Stephen Yeboah, freelance journalist and founder of NGO OSNERD, working for rural development in Ashanti region. Good luck with the fisheries!

In this busy week LiFoC also welcomed six interns from the University of Hong Kong. Medical student, Joanne, and Social Science students Mandy, David, Joey, Cherie and Serene. They will all be working on delivering the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention programme which will reach out to 4,000 students by the end of the year. Yenko Yenko Yenko!

A real highlight of the week was visiting JICA volunteer Misaki at her placement in Jiachie Training Centre for the physically challenged. There we spoke with the charming Kwabena Biachie, who enlightened us with stories of how ancient Ashanti Kings have formed current cultural perceptions of blindness. Kwabena also reminded us that we are are TEMPORARILY ABLE and could lose this status at any point, so, as his T-shirt requests,

“Don’t stare at me, just give me a smile”.


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