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Light for Children April 09′ Report

May 26, 2009

light for children

25th of May 2009

Light for Children April 09’ Report

Supporting Ghana is becoming a world-wide movement

Written by Sebastian Lindstrom, LIFOC Co-founder (

Volunteer flows are at all time high; in these hard economic times around the world people are more and more dedicating time and funds to go to Africa and support our cause. Asia, especially Hong Kong and mainland China, have played an increasingly important role for Light for Children in the last two years. This summer a massive flood of Chinese volunteers will go to Kumasi to conduct volunteer work and internship programs to support the needy children of the  Ashanti region. One important partner for LIFOC have been the University of Hong Kong (HKU), now ranked number one University in Asia, who supports our activities and gives us space and tools to promote our programs. In April we had a booth at the University and the feedback from Hong Kong University students were amazing;  it is clear to these students are hungry to get out in the world, especially Africa, to use their education to fight poverty and assist the health and education sectors of the developing world. Thank you.

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April Activities for Light for Children

Written by Mike Owusu, co-founder / Programme coordinator (

2nd April – Meeting at the Mobilize Against Malaria (MAM) headquarters in Kumasi.

This meeting was held to discuss and remedy problems that had heretofore been occurring during community mobilization events. Representatives from the MAM-Ghana headquarters in Accra were present, as well as those from the various NGOs and CBOs doing the outreach work in and around the Ashanti Region.  


The main issues brought to the table related to the focus of the message delivered. The focus of the MAM project is on prompt and appropriate treatment of malaria. In the past, volunteers had been mistakenly focusing on prevention, so a shift in focus was discussed. In addition, the representatives from the MAM offices in Accra implored that monitoring of one’s own volunteers was of the utmost importance.


Suggestions for improvement were also presented in an open-table format and the MAM contract was renewed for another two months with some minor changes to staffing and format.

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6th April – Arrival of 5 volunteers from Sweden – Therese Hörström, Johannes Danielsson, Nina Carina Romlin Falk, Sofia Melle, and Michelle Karlsson.


18th April – Monthly Socialization Meeting.

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Mrs. Kate Asante. After taking the register (and finding near-perfect attendance), the children were dispersed to enjoy games and one another’s company.


Yaw then spoke to all of the caregivers about their own health and welfare and that of their children. Fortunately, everyone responded that they were faring well! After this, the caregivers were told about funding that was received by Light for Children from the Ghana AIDS Commission. Throughout the meeting, Yaw reinforced the idea that the group’s primary focus was to ensure that the children were faring well and were healthy.


After a nice lunch the group disbanded, though not before expressing that they were looking forward to the next meeting.       


24th April – Presentation of MAM messages.

Mobilization of small groups to present the MAM message (Seek prompt and appropriate treatment of malaria) to community members around the Light for Children offices as well as at the Kejetia Freko Information Centre.  Through this intervention, many people were reached and given vital information about treating malaria and preventing deaths. 


27th April – Presentation of MAM message via radio at the Kumasi Central Market. Another opportunity to reach people with vital messages about how to treat malaria.


30th April – Meeting with Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) representative  to inspect prospective accommodations for a long-term volunteer.


30th April – In-house Accounting Tutorial.

A meeting/tutorial at the Light for Children – Ghana offices with an accountant to help Light for Children and its staff increase accountability and keep better records of funds and expenditures.

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