Light for Children January 09′ Report


21st of February 2009

Light for Children January 09’ Report

Written by Mike Owusu, LIFOC Coordinator ( and Catherine Charles, LIFOC volunteer ( Prepared by Sebastian Lindstrom (


Welcome 2009

Well 2009 has kicked off with an extremely busy month with a lot of visitors from far away countries including our Swedish Director Sebastian and his Father Matt.   We would like to personally thank everyone for visiting and for all efforts shared this month, we feel a very positive energy for 2009 and welcome as many volunteers and visitors from afar that would like to visit.  We wish everyone a happy 2009


Call to action

Our main focus for 2009  is still MAM project (Mobilise against Malaria) and making sure we re-educate the local community in Kumasi on prevention and treatment of Malaria.  We are still also keen to get as many volunteers this year and are aiming to make it our record year.  We count on our volunteers to grow our organization and its capabilities and put a lot of our success down to the input of many of our past volunteers. If you are considering our organization please do not hesitate to contact us for any references of past volunteers or information that may help determine your visit to Kumasi.  For any further information please contact Sebastian at


Goodbye to the old hello to the new

Well what an amazing month we have had with volunteers at Light for Children.  Many thanks to Sebastian our hard working Swedish Director who sent us many volunteers from Hong Kong as well as himself and friends and family from Sweden.  We welcomed the arrival of eleven volunteers from Hong Kong University, a British volunteer, Canadian volunteer, a volunteer from finland and America as well as Sebastian, Ludgvic and Mats Sabastian’s father from Sweden.  We also had two volunteers who arrived in advance from Hong Kong University to work on the programme of activities before the others arrival.



We had a MAM Project two day workshop on malaria with the eleven volunteers from the university of Hong Kong, as well as our volunteer from Canada, Britain and Finland.  The idea was to bring everyone up to speed on the programme we are focusing on and the outreach and support that needs to be continued in order to reach all members of the community in Atonsu and Kumasi at large.


The volunteers also visited  Esereso Calvary Methodist Junior High School and held a two days school programme on HIV AIDS and STD’s.  We then took them on home visits to a number of families in our programme to check on their living conditions and well being and sent them to visit the children at Missionaries of Charity orphanage which houses children with severe mental and physical disabilities.

A Cultural Exposition was also held at Yaa Achiaa Girls Junior High School with all volunteers and staff and the volunteers then went on a trip to Wa, Tamale and Hain to do activities with three local NGO’s in the north, making January jam packed full of activities for all our volunteers.


7 day Trip Report                                                                                                                             

 In February an International group of Light for Children Volunteers and employees boarded the Obruni Tro-tro complete with Swedish flags and pro Obama slogans. It was a tight squeeze inside the tro tro but with Mike and Sebastian at the helm we set off on our adventure to the North of Ghana. Our purpose was to visit 3 NGO’s to see how they are working and to exchange ideas.


Our first stop was Tamale one of the fastest growing cities in West Africa, due in part to the large presence of NGO’s. We were hosted by CID Ghana a Dutch Organization. There success had been thanks to their mentality of starting small with community led practical projects. We saw a pre school, and a filter water project currently still in progress. Light for Children put on an improvised ‘Journey of Hope’ presentation teaching HIV awareness in the school, the team’s performance went down well with the audience.


As we journeyed further north the landscape got drier, the road bumpier and the LiFC crew increasingly dustier. The harsh environment did nothing to deter our enthusiasm and spirits were high as we arrived at the remote village of Hain. Our Hosts were RAAP, who showed us a very impressive project of the micro finance loans empowering women to become financially independent. We visited several small villages and introduced ourselves to the respective chiefs. Much dancing and drumming followed until eventually all that could be heard was the sound of the African bush.


A brief but amazing visit to the Weichau Hippo Sanctuary was defiantly a highlight we saw several Hippos from our boat. Our final stop was WA to meet Eric Coomans organization Child Support. Eric has achieved a phenomenal amount in Wa having created several aspects to the project addressing health care issues and social needs. We were lucky enough to join him in a small village where he takes volunteer doctors and nurses to attend to those in need who could not otherwise access health care.


On our return it was time to reflect on the tour and what we had learned. The Northern part of Ghana is certainly poorer and suffers with a greater number of associated problems poverty brings; however we saw several brilliant ideas that we could possible use at LifC in the future. The NGO’s showed that starting simple and growing with the initiative of the community can lead to positive development.


Monthly Socialization Meetings

January the 17th saw our first socialization meeting for the year of 2000.  After the standard checks an updates on the children, Mike and Yaw speaking with the caretakers of the children and distributing funds and medication, a small party was organized for the children and their caregivers with lots of food, drink and stickers for the kids, everyone had a lot of fun.



Thank you again to Sebastian and all the volunteers particularly all the students from Hong Kong university you made the pilgrimage over here to assist our organization.  We look forward to a long at fruitful friendship with you all.







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