Light for Children December 08′ Report


20th of January 2009

Light for Children December 08’ Report

Written by Mike Owusu, LIFOC Coordinator ( and Catherine Charles, LIFOC volunteer ( Prepared by Sebastian Lindstrom (

End or year message to all

From everyone at Light for Children we would like to say a huge thank you for a very successful and full 2008. We thank each and every one of our volunteers for coming to our country and our small but hardworking and growing organization and for contributing to another year of growth. The difference you all make to help us in building a better world for our local children in need is beyond our expression so we simply say thank you. We look forward to another year ahead full of volunteers and ask all that have joined us in the past to spread our message and recommend to anyone our organization as the help of all volunteers is the foundation and growth of our organization. We wish you all a very healthy and happy 2009.

Call to action

Our main focus at the moment other than the MAM project (Mobilise against Malaria) is to grow the amount of children in need, in our program. We have over 40 children currently in our organization however over 40 new children from our local VCT clinic (voluntary counseling and testing) is also in need of support. Our problem lies within our current financial limitations that are supported 100% by sponsors, donations and a percentage of the volunteers programme payment.

Therefore we call out to all past volunteers and sponsors to please spend time in the next year to think of the children and maybe have a small fundraising party or gathering to contribute to our cause. Please email our assistant administrator Catherine Charles at for any help and assistance with fundraising ideas. There is also opportunity to gain from us a presentation if you wish to spread the word of LIFOC through speaking at your local schools, universities etc. to prospective volunteers or your local community groups e.g. Lions Club or Rotary. Again for the presentation please contact Catherine on the above address.

Goodbye to the old hello to the new

Light for children volunteers Rhi and Craig who spent the last 3 months volunteering at the Missionaries of Charity orphanage and made a huge impact with some new paintings both personally painted and some done by an artist they commissioned, to brighten the place. They will be sadly missed but will continue to work for Light for Children as the UK’s point of contact, willing to meet with any future volunteers from the UK to go through a small orientation before they arrive in Ghana.

Catherine Charles our Light for Children Administrator who has also been here for the last 3 months has left for her home country Australia. After a very busy time here with lots of new initiatives starting to be formed Catherine will also continue to work for LIFOC from her home country in an assistant Administrative position assisting Sebastian, Mike and Yaw in order to free their time to do more important work for LIFOC. Catherine will also begin campaigning within her state of Australia and to country wide NGO’s to hopefully get some assistance from Australian NGO’s and some representation in her home country from volunteers and sponsors alike.

In other news; Tamara Zwick a new volunteer from the USA arrived safely in Kumasi on the 22nd December for a 3 week stay working at the Missionaries of Charity orphanage.


On the 17th of December the trained local community based volunteers for LIFOC in the MAM project (Mobilise against Malaria), met at the office of the organization to review their outreach activities in the communities in the 3 sub metros of focus being Asokwa, Subin and Bantama. Each volunteer then submitted their activities for the past month for the out reach activities.

Monthly Socialization Meetings

December the 19th saw our last socialization meeting for the year of 2008. After the standard checks an updates on the children, Mike and Yaw speaking with the caretakers of the children and distributing funds and medication, a small party was organized for the children and their caregivers with lots of food, drink and stickers for the kids, everyone had a lot of fun.





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