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Light for Children August Update

September 17, 2008

9th of September 2008


Light for Children August Report


Written and prepared by Mike Owusu,

Programme coordinator (,

and Sebastian Lindstrom (



VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing)

At the beginning of this month we restarted the VCT program, where we go to various shops and stores and talk to the employees. We tell them about HIV/AIDS and its dangers and then try to convince of the necessity to go and test for their HIV status.

In addition to our usual general speech about HIV we added a condom presentation this time as well as we distributed free condoms afterward. We started our program at a local hairdresser studio in Atonsu, where we’ve so far been able to convince six members of the staff to go for the VCT.

We hope that their good example will encourage the other ones as well and are closely monitoring the development of our efforts. After their visit to the hospital, we came back and spoke to each of the hairdressers individually to ask them about how they had felt and about their response to the result. Furthermore we assured them that they could always come by our office if they had any problems or questions.


Our next target will be a group of local dressmakers, to which we’ve already introduced ourselves. We are, however, waiting for a package of test kits to arrive, which will enable us to do the VCT right at their place. We want to try it this way, as we find it always most difficult to actually encourage the people to take initiative and go to a hospital, an effort which most find not worth taking or are afraid to do so.


Presentation at Virgins Club

The Virgins Club, a sub-organization of the Methodist Church, invited us to hold a speech at their meeting. We mainly talked about the dangers of sexual activity (HIV, other STIs, unwanted pregnancy) and encouraged them to protect themselves by abstaining from sex.

Parts of the Journey of Hope presentation were used to draw a clear picture of the dangers lying in careless sexual activity and its impact on everyone’s life.






Monthly socialization meeting

The monthly meeting of the HIV positive care and support group took place at the Center for National Cultural Centre of Kumasi on the 16th of August, 2008 at 9:30a.m.  Most of the children and their caregivers were present and participated actively.  After checking on the children’s condition, the Light for Children volunteer Christian, as well as visiting volunteers Juliane, Sarah and Kate went to the playground of the park to play with the children, while the parents were given advice on proper nutrition and other helpful things.


Last month new introduced child Junior was also present again. The meeting ended after the traditional joint lunch and the handing out of this month’s medication and food supply at around 3:00p.m.