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Light for Children December report

January 13, 2008

Written by:Tarin Duncan, Super Volunteer (

The Ontario Co-operative Young Leaders Program (CYL) is a leadership programme managed by the Ontario Co-operative Association that teaches adolescents about the Co-operative Model as well as instilling leadership, communication, and team building skills in them.

A donation of $630 US was made on behalf of the CYL Participants to Light for Children to sponsor three children for a year: twin 7 month olds, Edward & Edwin, and a 4 year old boy named Vincent. It will pay for their visits to the clinic to receive proper nutrition since they are not yet old enough to go on anti-retrovirals or to attend school.

Light for Children volunteers painted the Nutrition Center room and purchased toys for the children, it was a wonderful surprise to the mothers and babies. Completed Journey of Hope presentations for the season, will resume again after the New Year. Presented the awards and prizes for the outstanding work completed by the Adum Presbyterian students, after the finale of the Journey of Hope presentations.

December 2nd:
Light for Children volunteers made a home visit to LiFoC child

December 6th:
Carol Concert performed by the KO Methodist students. 2000 children in attendance, recited bible verses, and performed short drama pieces as well as enjoyed the huge dance party. Light for Children presented the school with 6 soccer balls, one for each stream of classes.

December 7th:
Departure of two Light for Children volunteers: Jacqui Lowe and Carly Moran have left us to return to there countries. They will be missed by all, we thank them for all the hard work they did and for bringing some light into the lives of many children during their time here. We wish them a safe journey home and hope that they will return some day soon.

Guests arrived to accompany Light for Children on some home visits and learn more about the organization. They made a generous contribution to the Light for Children organization which will go towards the organizations activities.

December 11th:
Regional Aids Day Celebration- Light for Children erected a booth displaying posters and pictures of events and activities that LiFoC is apart of. We sported Light for Children t-shirts and the children from KO Methodist school performed a short drama and sang two songs they created about HIV/AIDS. The audience really enjoyed the performance and Light for Children received lots of attention and praise.

Light for Children volunteers, transported 14 drumming and dancing students from Atonsu Presbyterian school to the Edwinache Rehabilitation Center for the Mentally and Physically Disabled. The children performed their original dances and drumming and encouraged the residences to join in with them. It was a brilliant exchange of respect and love of dance and music.

December 16th:
Light for Children volunteers made a home visit to one of the Light for Children homes.

Light for Children volunteer, Juan Guinle, has generously donated :

  • one lap top computer
  • wireless router
  • one pin drive
  • file stationary

Juan has also become the proud sponsor of 2 Light for Children: Vulnerable Children (Abigail and Constance)

December 21th:
Departure of Light for Children volunteer, Juan Guinle.

December 22th – Light for Children Monthly Meeting and Christmas Party:
The Atonsu Presbyterian drumming and dancing students accompanied us to the meeting and did a special Christmas performance for the LiFoC group. The children were shown how to do some of the cultural dances, while the parents listened to our special guest speaker Mrs. Diana from the Nutritional Rehabilitation Center.

December 23rd:
Light for Children volunteer made a home visit to one of the LiFoC children.


  • updating web page
  • expanding LiFoC children profiles
  • networking for sponsorship of children
  • event planning
  • search for an office