Light for Children November Update

Written by: Jacqui Lowe, Kumasi District Volunteer

KO School visits
Prize presentations and recaps at KO Methodist continued and were completed this month, discussions are taking place about which Methodist school LiFoC will be visiting next term.

Presby School
Journey of Life presentations to JSS classes at Presby School, Adum, took place throughout November. Light for Children are proud to of covered all the J.S.S classes, and will be moving on to other units after the Christmas vacation.

Rehab centre
As part of a longer term goal to add Childrens nutritional education to Light For Children programmes, work began this month at the Maternity and birth clinic. Volunteers provided information and support to the mothers of undernourished and malnourished children. They also had plenty of time to play with the children, and even help prepare the food! We hope the partnership will allow Light For Children to increase their contribution to Childrens welfare in the Ashanti region. Light for Children were also pleased to discuss contributions that we can make towards the food provided to the children, which we were informed is in short supply. A presentation was made to nurses of rice and milk for the centre from Light For Children.

Monthly Meeting
November saw the first of a regular monthly meeting with the children under Light for Children’s care who are infected with or affected by HIV. LiFoC were proud to provide the first instalment of a years supply of ART treatment, paid for by LiFoCc, and some financial assistance for the children’s upkeep. For more information please see separate news report.

World AIDS day
LiFoC staff and volunteers were busy in November organising our attendence at World AIDS day activities. See back next month for more information on the event.


Carol Concert
Plans have been taking form for the Carol Concert, which is supported by LiFoC. The KO Methodist school was chosen because of the close relationship they have had with LiFoC. The concert will be held 6th December 2007. Watch this space.

New Volunteer
This month saw the arrival of new Light For Children Volunteer Tarin Duncan who will be with us till January. She arrived from Canada, and got stuck straight into work.


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