Light for Children Fun Day

Written by: Carly Moran, Co-Ordinator / Volunteer and Jacqui Lowe, Kumasi District Volunteer

Light for Children volunteers and staff were keen to meet all the children in a group, and give the children an exciting day out at the same time, so it was decided what a better place to do it than the zoo! Twenty children under Light for Children’s care who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, attended with their family members for a memorable day out.

After meeting all the children and families the day began with fun and games in the cultural centre grounds, Kumasi. The children were taught playground games by the volunteers, such as ‘stuck in the mud’ and ‘ladders’ amongst others. After the children had worn the volunteers out, more relaxing games were played!

Whilst the volunteers and children were busy getting stuck in the mud, parents and Light for Children directors, Mike and Yaw, held a meeting to discuss the provision of medication for all the children, and advice and support was given.

A quick snack break to refuel was followed by a gift presentation for all the children attending the day. Packs were given with token gifts of sweets, bands and pencils etc. and were appreciated by all.

Next stop for the group was Kumasi Zoo, where the excited children were given a guided tour, and all listened intently to the in depth descriptions given by the experienced guide. The highlight for the children was undoubtedly seeing the mighty lions up close, but other highlights included the Gorillas, spinning Chimpanzees, and the Crocodiles.

Once the fascinating tour was finished, the group still had energy left for balloon fights!

Lunch was provided for all by Light for Children of fried rice, chicken and sweets for the children, which was much appreciated after the busy day. The day ended with many young smiling faces and fond farewells.



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