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LIFOC September Update

September 30, 2007

Written by: Georgia Tanner, Volunteer

Classroom Presentations
Classroom presentations continued at the K.O. Methodist School in Kumasi. The entire school school be completed by mid October (side note: it is!). The children are responding well and we’ve created colourful posters for the school with information that the children gathered themselves from the presentation as well as outside sources.

Radio Presentations at OTEC 102.9 FM
Beatrice, a senior administrator at the K.O. Methodist School, invited the Light for Children team to speak live on-air on her radio show, ”Kids in Action.” On-air, we discussed HIV/AIDS in Ghana and abroad and what children can do to avoid the virus and stop it from spreading. The program was very informative for children listening and also resulted in several phone calls inviting Light for Children to new schools in Ghana.


Follow up meeting on Abigail
The Light for Children team met with school administrators at the K.O. Methodist School in Kumasi to arrange for Abigail to be taken to the hospital since she is displaying sympoms of a possible STI infection.


Visit to the Cultural Centre
Light for Children visited the Kumasi Cultural Centre to record some prices for a possible day out for some of our sponsored children and their caregivers. We are currently planning a day for the children to take part in some ceramic crafts while parents meet each other.

Other Projects
Light for Children is also looking into the cost of producing canvas grocery bags with a child’s drawing screened on as a fundraiser.