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25th of July Update

July 25, 2007

Written by: Samantha Liauw, Kumasi Co-Ordinator / Volunteer

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

On Tuesday, July 17, 2007, Light for Children attended the National Commission of Children and Women Affairs at the Regional Co-ordinating Council in Kumasi. Delegates from over 25 NGO’s working in the field gathered to identify and discuss current issues regarding the welfare of children in Ghana. Some of the NGO’s in attendance included; The Ghana Network of Persons Living with HIV, Global Partners in World Health, Center for Community Capacity and Development and Global Hope for Development of the Helpless. The conference identified child prostitution, child labor, trafficking and street hawking as major problems, but health insurance for unregistered children as a top priority. Aside from poverty, parental neglect and insufficient implementation of policies were identified as sources of these problems. Finally, these concerns will be brought to policy makers to recommend modifications to help improve the lives of the children of Ghana.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On Wednesday, July 18, 2007, Light for Children completed the Journey of Hope program at Achiaa Girls Junior Secondary School. After reviewing key themes discussed the previous week, LIFOC presented the students with a poster containing ideas expressed in the students’ written assignments about HIV/AIDS. The poster included information on what HIV is, how it is contracted and how it can be avoided. Finally, Rukaya Mohammed and Jacqueline Boateng were presented with prizes (notebooks and pens) to reward them for exceptional essays. LIFOC will continue the outreach educational program at the Methodist Education Unit on Friday, July 20, 2007.

Friday, July 20, 2007

On Friday, July 20, 2007, LIFOC began the Journey of Hope program at the Methodist Education Unit in Kumasi. LIFOC spoke to 2 classes of the JSSb level. In total, 90 students, ages 14-18, participated in LIFOC’s interactive presentation. Because the students had already had knowledge about HIV/AIDS, LIFOC focused on applying that knowledge into positive behavioral changes. The students were very eager to share their future ambitions and were able to gain an understanding of how health and well-being must be protected in order to reach their goals. The students were given a writing assignment to express their thoughts about HIV/AIDS. These will be collected the following week when LIFOC does a follow up session.


Volunteer Gordon Pearce’s good-bye party

July 22, 2007

Written by: Gordon Pearce, Kumasi District Co-Ordinator / Volunteer

On Sunday 22nd July Light for Children staff organised a party for a group of nine vulnerable children from around the Atonsu-Agogo area of Kumasi. Accompanied by LIFOC field staff, volunteers and carers the children played games, sang songs and enjoyed a range of special party food and drink provided by Light for Children’s director Yaw Otchere Baffour and his wife Maria. The young people who were invited to join the fun all came from households where money is very tight and so the chance to go to an event of this kind was a special treat which they would not normally have experienced. As well as being an enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment, the party provided a chance for the children to meet other youngsters affected by HIV/AIDS and so reduce the feelings of isolation which can arise from the kinds of difficulties which they have experienced.

Sunday’s party also served as a chance for LIFOC volunteer Gordon Pearce to say goodbye after four very enjoyable months working with the NGO. Gordon returned to England at the end of July along with his girlfriend Lucy Birchenough who came to Ghana for three weeks to see some of the work that Light for Children does in the Ashanti region. Although he will be starting a job in London in September, Gordon hopes to be able to continue supporting Light for Children through fundraising and sponsorship activities.