World Aids Day in Ashanti-region

On the 8th of December Ashanti region celebrated world AIDS day. It was postponed one week due to the clash with the real world AIDS day and the Ghanaian farmer’s day celebrations!

The event was held in a small town called Femina (1 hour from Kumasi). The fact that we where 2 hours late didn’t really matter; the event that would start at 8 started at 10:30! African time is the best time, you’re never late!

School kids and officials filled a big football field. I estimate that +1000 people jointed in on the festival! Me and Kate, Canadian social worker, together with two Japanese volunteers where the only foreigners attending. Drumming, speeches by Aids commission people and chairman addresses where mixed with AID prevention sketches. People where really enjoying themselves in the heat! Every year the World AIDS day have a different theme –this time it was ‘Stop Aids, Keep the promise, the time is now ’. Condoms where distributed amongst the crowd and people felt unity.

Conclusion; The event was very successful and I really felt that the Ghanaians have come a long way with their HIV/AIDS policies and strategies to fight the pandemic. Ghana has a 3% HIV prevalence rate compared to Botswana and Swaziland where 40% of the people are HIV positive. South Africa with its big population has a 20% HIV prevalence rate. Ghana has come a long way.


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