Light for Children at Kumasi Mayor’s birthday Bash

On the 28th of November some of the potential beneficiaries of the Light for Children (LFC) project were invited to join the celebration of the 50th birthday party of the mayor in Kumasi. Kumasi is the second city of Ghana and the seat of LFC.

The mayor, Patricia Appiagyei, is famous because she is the first female Mayor in Ghana. The birthday party was held at her private residence in Kumasi. Five basic schools, including a school for mentally challenged children and four NGOs, were invited. The Mayor had dedicated the birthday party to the orphans and vulnerable children of Ghana; in all 250 children were invited. LFC presented 12 children and they were chaperoned by the two volunteers of LFC; Sebastian form Sweden and Elisabeth from Iceland. The executive director and the project coordinator were also at the party.

The children were treated to cultural displays, poetry recitals, gospel music by the school for mentally challenged, choral, hip-hop and traditional music. There were a lot to eat and drink, including biscuit and toffee. The Mayor distributed exercise books, toys, souvenirs and other stationary.

All the four NGOs present were invited to introduce their organizations to the gathering. Sebastian was chosen to introduce LFC and briefed the people on the activities our organization. The two volunteers took an active part in all the activities at the party, everything from playing with the children to being a part of the food distribution. They admittedly became cynosure of all eyes.

The Mayor, as a politician, had invited politicians and government officials whom added a color to the occasion. The highlight of the day was when an inflated slide emerged from the ground. Children rushed the site and played until the end of the event. After the party the children where transported to their homes by an official bus from the city council amidst dancing and singing in the bus.


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